How to Play in Oregon

You can buy tickets for games such as Powerball and Mega Millions by completing a playslip at any licensed lottery retailer in Oregon. Another option is to sign up with a lottery courier, so you can pick your numbers online and a messenger agent will go out to purchase your entries for you. Here’s how it works.


If you want to know how to play Powerball from Oregon, follow the steps below. If you play through a lottery messenger, your ticket will be bought on your behalf. It is then scanned and uploaded into your account before the draw.

Drawings take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Tickets are available until 7:00 p.m. on draw nights (earlier if you use an online purchasing service).

Monday's Est. Powerball Jackpot:

$102 Million

Mega Millions

Mega Millions works in a similar way to Powerball. Both games have a starting jackpot of $20 million, which goes up every time it is not won. You have to match all the numbers to win, but there are eight other prize categories if you match fewer numbers.

Tuesday's Est. Mega Millions Jackpot:

$279 Million

Claiming Prizes

Claiming prizes in Oregon is easy, especially if you play through a lottery courier. All winnings are commission-free, and the majority are paid straight into your online account. If you win enjoy a big win, you will be helped to collect your prize in person. Prizes of more than $600 can be collected from the Oregon Lottery’s Wilsonville payment center or its headquarters in Salem, or claimed by mail.

You have one year to claim any prizes in Oregon, although there’s no danger of missing out with a purchasing service such as theLotter as you are always notified of any win so you can just log in to your account.

Back in 2015, theLotter helped a man from Iraq, known as M.M., to win a $6.4 million jackpot on Oregon’s Megabucks game, flying him across the world so he could claim his prize in the Beaver State.

The Oregon Lottery

Since it began in 1984, the Oregon Lottery has dedicated itself to supporting education, state parks, veteran services, natural habitats and economic growth. It also gives away billions of dollars in prize money every year. The biggest winners so far have come in Powerball, including a family from Jacksonville – Frances and Bob Chaney, and Carolyn and Steve West – picked up $340 million.