Lottery Messenger Services FAQs

Lottery messenger services provide players with the opportunity to try and win terrific prizes in games across the world. To help you better understand how the process works, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I play a lottery game based in a different country?

Yes. One of the great advantages of lottery messenger services is that they let players take part in lotteries from around the world. A company like will have a list of all the international games available to you, so if you ever thought that a particular game was off limits, think again! You can get involved in big lotteries with the tap of a button and possibly snag a massive windfall.

Are lottery messenger services safe and legal?

Lottery messenger services are legal and provide a secure way for fans across the world to enjoy the biggest and best games around. Check out the designated section to find out how messenger services comply with the rules and let players safely indulge in their favorite lotteries.

Will the company take a cut of my winnings?

Companies such as theLotter and do not take commission. It would take the gloss off any prize win to discover that the lottery messenger service had taken a cut of your winnings, so always make sure to find out that you will be able to enjoy your winnings in full. The company you use should make it clear how they operate in their terms and conditions, and you can always contact them for more information before making a decision to purchase entries.

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So how do lottery messenger services make money?

Rather than taking commission on winnings, most lottery messenger services will charge a small fee to facilitate the sale and processing of tickets. Some may charge for subscriptions, which helps them provide additional features to enhance your user experience.

How do I know if I have won a prize?

Reputable lottery messenger services will quickly publish the winning numbers from games and check your entries into the draw so that they can contact you straight away to notify you if you have won a prize. Non-jackpot prizes are automatically transferred to your account promptly, while you will be given special support if you win a jackpot.

How do I collect a prize if I win?

While non-jackpot winnings are paid into your online account right away, if you are lucky enough to land a jackpot you may have to collect your prize in person, and the lottery messenger service will guide you through the process. For example, the ticket may be delivered to you or the courier service may arrange for you to travel to where the draw in question was held. A local representative will then assist you in claiming the money from the appropriate lottery office.

What are locally taxed winnings?

It may be that some lottery prizes are subject to local tax before the funds can be credited to your account. If this is the case you will be informed by the lottery messenger service and given clear instructions as to how to proceed with claiming your prize.

Can I play as part of a lottery pool or syndicate?

One of the great features of some lottery messenger services is that players are able to band together in online lottery pools or syndicates. You don't need to spend time organising a group yourself; you simply sign up for the site and join like-minded lottery fans as you buy shares for the game and draw of your choice. The more shares you purchase, the bigger your slice of any prize!

How do I know the tickets have been bought?

It is the responsibility of the lottery messenger service to purchase your tickets after you have paid. A company like will then put your mind at rest by scanning a copy of each ticket and uploading them to your online account, after which they will place the ticket in a secure vault at their local office. If you have signed up with a site which employs the betting model, no tickets will have been bought, but a prize is still guaranteed to be paid out if you win as the company insures itself against such an outcome.

How do I know what numbers I am playing?

If you are playing a lot of lines and have had your selections randomly generated you may not be sure what your numbers are, but lottery messenger services will confirm all the details for you. If you have used a service like you will be able to see all your numbers on the scanned ticket they have uploaded to your account. A lottery betting site will still notify players of their numbers when they have paid and will display them in their accounts. The numbers are then stored safely so you can just wait for the draw to find out if you have won a prize.