Lottery Betting

Lottery betting is an alternative to buying tickets from a licensed retailer. Instead, you place an online wager on the numbers that will be drawn. Find out more about how to bet on lotteries.

How Lottery Betting Works

Betting on lotteries is becoming an increasingly popular option with users in many countries outside the U.S. It is different to playing through a lottery courier, where you sign up online and an agent purchases tickets on your behalf.

You do not actually buy an official ticket, or have one bought for you, when you use a lottery betting website. Here is how you bet:

These are essentially the same steps as if you were playing through a lottery courier or even playing in-store. The difference is that you don’t have a ticket, but you still win prizes the same way.

Tuesday's Est. Mega Millions Jackpot:

$279 Million

If you match enough of the winning numbers for the game that you are playing, you receive a prize. The payout amounts are the same as if you had bought a ticket. If you win a prize, you don’t have to worry about coming forward to claim it – the money will be paid automatically into your account. Even if you win a larger amount, you will be guided through the process so that the money can be wired to your bank account.

Which lotteries can I bet on?

One of the main attractions of lottery betting is that you don’t have to be located in the same country as the game you want to play. For example, a player from the UK could bet on one of the biggest U.S. games.

It is possible to bet on many of the world’s largest lotteries – not just Powerball or Mega Millions but also multinational games such as EuroMillions or Eurojackpot, or other renowned domestic lotteries including Brazil’s Mega Sena or Italy’s SuperEnalotto.

Depending on where you live, there are different rules and restrictions and you may not be able to bet on certain games. In the U.S., for example it is not currently available.

Lottery betting services are tailored to international players, with a variety of payment methods. Transactions are conducted safely and securely, with winnings paid out promptly. See more Benefits of Playing Online.

How Big Jackpots Are Paid

As lottery betting companies do not have to go out and purchase tickets physically like lottery couriers do, they can use the money that is wagered on games to pay out winners.

However, to ensure they can pay out any major winner, such as someone getting a multimillion-dollar jackpot, they take out insurance policies.